Lily might actually be from Wonderland.

When nobody is looking, they slip through interdimensional portals and play games with multi-headed aliens and 8-foot-tall bugs. Rowena is their best friend. They have been informed Rowena is also a “cat.”


Lily is an escaped Oompa Loompa from the Land of Oz.

In their spare time, they explore big cities and little towns on bicycles that have baskets. Additionally, they enjoy collecting rain water in mason jars to send to friends out of state.


Lily is also Gallifreyan and does not approve of arguments about that topic.

(Lily is a Timelord known as The Goddess and has an eclectic pocket watch collection.) They appreciate reading at home on Friday nights and see no value in “Tuesdays.”


Lily is 100% Ravenclaw, 85% Hufflepuff, and 343% coffee.

When no one is around they do yoga in the rain and snuggle with fluffy blankets. Overall, they have a strict “pants optional” policy for their life and encourage everyone to drink plenty of water.


Who I am

I am, above everything else, a giant pain in the ass. I laugh at myself because there is nobody I find more entertaining—or flawed—and because humor is my very favorite defense mechanism. I am compassionate and patient with myself because I have survived the kind of darkness that never really leaves you. I am a perpetual child because my first childhood was stolen from me and I see no reason to live by the rules that allowed that to happen (note: I very much obey the law, but sometimes I do it with a lot of colors and loud noises). Also, apparently I’m a genius or something, though I tend to think of myself more as "curious and easily bored." My brain needs near constant stimulation, I move constantly (even in my sleep), and I believe very firmly that if someone is gullible enough to believe the nonsense that spills out of my mouth that is 100 percent their responsibility (though I am genuinely apologetic that one guy got stuck on the roof).


where I'm from

I prefer to say that I’m from Wonderland, or sometimes Neverland, because I have moved so much throughout my life that I have never really felt like I was from anywhere in particular. I grew up predominantly in the Northeastern United States, and have lived in a bunch of places since then (and a few before). Life is an adventure I intend to be a very active participant in, so I follow the wind and go where the new stories live. I currently reside somewhere roundabouts Seattle, Washington. 


How I art

I taught myself to read when I was four, started writing poetry when I was somewhere between eight and ten, and spent the better part of my teenage years writing Harry Potter fanfiction in online role playing communities that one of my best friends dragged me into (she is still one of my best friends). In addition to my time as the Weasley twins, I wrote insane amounts of very dark poetry in composition books. These were lost somewhere along the road to recovery (if found, please return to Wonderland). 

I started sketching when I was in the third grade. My freshman year of high school I had an art teacher who saw potential in me and pushed me hard to dive into color and paint. Overwhelmed by this, I stayed away from both until my late twenties and then immediately regretted not spending more time on them when I had a teacher who was passionate to share his wisdom. Lessons learned and all that.

I remember being somewhat obsessed with ballet as a tiny child, and had an aunt who even made me a little tutu and taught me some simple dance moves. I danced through high school, and spend most of my alone time dancing in my living room with all of the lights off and sinking my entire soul into the music.

I had a grandmother who used to hum to me when I was small enough to still fit in her lap and this lit a fire in me for music. I sang in church choirs and school chorus groups through most of my education. When I was twenty-three I lost a substantial amount of my hearing and with it my ability to find a tune, so I spend most of my time humming now. My Mémère would still be proud, I think.


What I'm doing

My goal is to create a safe space for survivors to tell their stories and connect with others who can help them grow and heal. Though my approach has been through art, and my focus will remain as such, this space will be for creatives and non-creatives alike.

In addition to creating an online community of survivors, I am also in the process of establishing a nonprofit I have lovingly named the Silly Sock Society. The purpose of the Society will initially be to provide life-saving care packages to anyone in the Seattle area who are without a home, but my long-term goals include expanding to support the entire country and establishing networks to foster support and funding for shelters and food banks across the country.

Why did I name it Silly Sock Society? Because laughter is the best defense against the very saddest things in life, but also because all of my care packages will contain silly socks to keep the feet warm and the soul smiling. I spent much of my first twenty years homeless or starving, and it is my core mission in life to ease the burden to those enduring homelessness and hunger now. The Society will be legally established by the end of 2018 at which time donations will be welcomed!