Tagline@4x.png is a collaborative art collective aimed at providing exposure and income to artists with limited professional experience. We aspire to work with artists to hone their skills and pair them with like-minded peers to further their careers. As beautiful as the struggling artist is, we would much prefer to see a successful one.

We began as a dream in the summer of 2017. After decades of writing, Lilith Matilda Gearhart was unsuccessful at making a career out of writing professionally for other people. Fed up with the status quo that required a catch 22 to find the catch 22 to being a successful artist, Lily decided to break the mold instead. In the winter of 2017 the original version of went live. It was a WordPress site generously donated by a pretty cool friend, Adam. It soon became apparent that the site as it existed would not adequately fill the needs of the organization they had in mind, so Lily opted to pay for professional branding and a custom website on, which went live in the spring of 2018.

Though this project had originally been intended as a collaborative experience, it soon became that Lily was doing all the work alone. Content expectations became overwhelming as life experiences became unforgiving (like, sleeping in their car with everything they owned and their cat in the summer in the deserts of Las Vegas and Phoenix), and soon the website became stagnant.

In the spring of 2019 Lily remembered about how friends can be helpful and supportive and reached out to Jeanne. Jeanne and Lily had known each other since middle school (or possibly elementary school, nobody really remembers). Jeanne's husband, Mike, was also an artist trying to make it in the big scary world of having to have a "real" job. They soon both jumped on board and actively began supporting getting the LilyMatilda organization off the ground. After all, where else do dreamers belong but in the clouds?


Meet our artists


Lilith Matilda Gearhart

Lily was always sort of an odd child. While other kids in the third grade were learning how to color in one direction, Lily was obsessed with learning how to accurately draw noses. Noses, it was determined, were far more important to learn about than coloring inside the lines. Lily could also out monkey-bar every other kid in school in the third grade. The fifth grade was a completely different story and we don't talk about those scars now.

A love for art and a passion for writing began early. Self-taught in the art of reading and writing by the age of 4, Lily would go on to spend most of their time in some kind of notebook or other.

The introduction of grade school lent to a desire to learn more about drawing and painting, and an understanding that music will forever be an enigma—a beautiful art that is impossible to restrain.

As a teenager, Lily developed a love of photography and spent many of the following years with a camera nearby.

As an adult, Lily prefers to remain a child.


Michael Wayne Pekrul

Bio incoming.