Deep Into the Nothing

Image Credit: Lilith Matilda Gearhart

Image Credit: Lilith Matilda Gearhart

As a bloody hand gripped it hard, the harsh texture of bark caused a sharp bite of pain to rush up an arm. The hard pounding of blood being pushed heavily through a constricted chest was overwhelming. Ragged breaths seeped in repetition through cracked and peeling lips.

As the light in the darkness started fading into view, dark russet dirt became evident as it wound through tangled undergrowth. A prickle erupted on the back of a neck, sweat beginning to stain a forehead, and the knowledge of something far crueler than darkness splashed at the edges of a memory. The memory echoed from behind and urged the scenery of the dark forest to move away from it.

In the distance there was nothing; an infinite expanse of space in which there was the absence of everything. As the echo from behind settled in, the trees began to blur with speed on towards the expanse. In a fury of anxiety small objects became evident in the undergrowth. Small trinkets of a childhood that never was were littered through twigs and dead things.

The echo roared.

Deep in the expanse there were tears falling down a face as it pushed through low branches and twisted bramble.

White light penetrated everything until the suffocating memory of nothing was the only thing left. A breath was drawn in and out quickly, followed in succession by dozens more. The smell of dead leaves moistened the cheek pressed against them. Slower the succession became. Daylight spilled into view in short bursts and the ground was pushed away. Orange and yellow foliage spun around a time or two before curiosity drove the forest floor down and out of focus.

The rough texture of drywall fell under fingers encrusted in filth. A curious eye looked through to the other side and was inundated. Beyond the wall, steam and smoke wafted in circles. A breath caught and harsh coughs rang out through the hollow air. There was nearly-molten metal tangled around itself and twisted into the resemblance of a steam engine as harsh waves crashed down over its edges.

An earth-shattering scream pierced the walls of a rural country home.

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