Meditation & Positive Thinking

Photo credit:  Tinkerbell  by  stardixa

Photo credit: Tinkerbell by stardixa

"You are what you think. All that you are arises from your thoughts. With your thoughts you make your world."


I feel like everyone scoffs at the idea of letting positive thinking be a source of energy and power in my life. There is such an abundance of resistance to this idea that it's almost comical. I always want to come back with an explanation of how I overcame some of the most atrocious things to become one of the most calm and centered people in my life. I almost always stop myself from explaining. If those combatants were ready for what I have learned they would ask, but instead they attack. 

I moved across the country less than a month ago. Packed what I could fit in a tiny little two-door and gave everything else away. Drove out out of the city of my dreams with tears on my cheeks and have landed at rock bottom. This is the best place in the world for me!

Give yourself nothing left to lose and it will force you to take a step back and deeply evaluate where you are in your life, but also where you have been. It has been over a decade now since I have started my recovery, but the habits I used to recover and stay in recovery were things I started practicing very young. 

I meditated a lot growing up. I didn't ever realize that's what I was doing, but I would sit in a dark room, listen to music that inspired me, and focus on impossible things while firmly believing they were real in that moment. Not real in a few years, when I "made it," or even the next day. I was in the moment and letting my imagination be in control. I needed so badly to believe in something better than where I was that I did nothing but focus on where I wanted to be. All these years later and I feel like the only one unsurprised by how far I have come. 

My meditation growing up programmed my mind to focus on what I wanted and where I could go. When I opened my eyes, and my imagination fell away, the feelings they brought never did. I still felt like I could do absolutely anything, so I started acting like I could do absolutely anything. I just kept doing this on repeat without realizing that I was conditioning myself to succeed. At some point I opened my eyes and those feelings never went away again. 

The secret is simple: recognize that there is nothing to lose. What would it take to spend ten minutes a day focusing on the positives in our lives, and reminding ourselves periodically that we deserve what we want and so we will achieve it? It wouldn't take much. We could focus on this while getting ready for work, eating breakfast, or even while still lying in bed pretending you're asleep so the cat won't try to get you out of bed.

Try it. Dare you! What have you got to lose?