Letters to the Artists


9 oct 2019

Don’t be afraid of ideas that are different from your own, but don’t waste your energy on ideas that are what you’ve already determined you don’t believe in. 

8 oct 2019

I have cared for me longer than you have, so understand that I will always choose me when things are at stake. 

21 sep 2019

You can’t move forward if you won’t let go of the past. 

5 sep 2019

people will almost nearly always surprise you, if only you provide them the opportunity to do so.

1 sep 2019

I am not limited or inspired by the glass ceiling because I don’t believe it ever existed. I think we were all just afraid of the air above our heads.

23 aug 2019

Fuck fear. Chase freedom. Seek happiness.

19 aug 2019

It is human to want to control things. To be in control. But there are things we cannot control—events that happen in inexplicable order and leave us stunned in the cold silence of our own fear. We can turn that fear into art. We can relinquish control to the brush or the word. Through art we can stand again.

17 aug 2019

Can you dare reach?

Can you dare not try?



Reach for that deep, dark sky.

13 aug 2019

be the sun that casts the shadows

11 aug 2019

Art is a way of being honest with your emotions in a world that prefers stone and steel. 

8 aug 2019

When you reach, truly stretch as far as you can possibly go, to catch the dream you’ve had itching in the back of your mind your whole life—you will never stop reaching. No matter how many times you fail you’ll always know what it felt like to have that dream just within reach. And you will reach for a dream again. Over and over again until either there’s nothing left of you or you’ve changed the course of history. 

6 aug 2019

To find a way to start towards the future it’s best to take a first step. 

5 aug 2019

Artists have been minimized through all of history for what most have always viewed a minor contribution to society, but artists have the minds that challenge the way things are. Now is the time in history where we change the way things are.

3 aug 2019

We are the thinkers and the idea makers. We are the ones who see the beauty in the world instead of the potential for power. We are the ones who will plant trees when we need oxygen instead of strapping on some god awful machine. We are what the world needs now.

2 aug 2019

We take all of the things that have made us strong and we lock them in a box. We build a fortress to protect those pieces because the strength they gave us won’t let them go. These are the parts of us nobody will ever see. The deepest shames, the biggest fears, and the greatest losses. They are the penny in the shoe that reminds you to think about your blessings. That is our survival instinct. That is who we truly are. Fierce, sure-footed, and patient. This world belongs to us in more significant ways every day and we need to reach for it.